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Landscape Products Center   

About Us...

The Landscape Products Center is the Do-It-Yourself Hardscape Supply Site, perfect for all of your landscaping needs. Stop in today for friendly, professional help to guide your next project. 

What We Offer...

St. Paul's largest selection of landscape rock and suppliesTopsoil, blended soil and soil amendments; Bagged and bulk mulches, soils, rock, sand and gravel; Flagstone for patios and pathways; Decorative brick, blocks, pavers and stackable wall stone;  sod for an instantly gorgeous lawn and delivery for all products

Red Colored Mulch

Chocolate Colored Mulch

Yard & Garden Mulch

Pine Bark Mulch

Playground Chips

Cedar Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Dolomite 3/8"

Dolomite 3/4"

Dolomite 1 1/4"

Gravel 3/8"

Gravel 3/4"

Gravel 1 1/2"

Gravel 2 1/2"

Bryan Red 3/4"

Bryan Red 1 1/2"

Dresser 3/4"

Dresser 2 1/2"

Fill Sand

Granite 2"

Lakeland Sand

Mortar Sand

Granite Sand

Minus 3/8"

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