Naturally Beautiful...
The garden center's plants and flowers come from several established local and independently-owned growers, ensuring that plants and flowers are high quality and exceptionally fresh. Leitner's also offers a quality selection of gardening equipment and original garden art, as well as unique specialized services, such as the year-round custom potting department.

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From Season to Season...

In order to fully appreciate each of Minnesota's seasons, Leitner's is open year-round! Here is a list of what Leitner's offers from season to season:


Fall & Winter

  • Custom seasonal potting

  • Firewood 

  • Pumpkins

  • Spruce tips

  • Christmas trees

  • Straw bales

  • Fresh Greens Market


Early Spring

  • Frost-hardy annuals

  • Pussy willow twigs

  • Forsythia


Spring & Summer

  • Custom potting orders

  • Bedding plants

  • Unique and classic perennials

  • Garden advice

  • Bagged soils and mulch

  • Great container and pot selection


Custom Potting:

Proud of Our Products...

Here at Leitner's, we proudly offer a full-line of organic fertilizers and pesticides. Also in the store you will find an ever-changing selection of houseplants to keep the inside of your home looking as green as the outside!

Garden Center

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Landscape Products Center

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